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Yvonne Sterling realised her dream of singing again - Little Lenny

Veteran reggae songstress Yvonne Sterling realised her dream of singing again before she passed away.

And for entertainer and businessman, Little Lenny, it was an honour to play a part in Sterling getting a second wind at the vocation even though it was short-lived.

Sterling was sent off in an emotional ceremony at the Portmore Seventh Day Adventist Church in St Catherine on Sunday. Three weeks earlier, Sterling was declared dead in hospital after suffering a stroke.

“From I met her she always said one thing. She wants to hear herself on the radio again. She wanted to sing again. I strongly believed she was overjoyed when she got that opportunity. Life is very unpredictable and I am glad to have played a part,” Little Lenny told Loop News.

Little Lenny, Richie Stephens and Sterling had just last month released a remake of the Bob Marley classic 'Thank You Lord'. Sterling’s story of poverty and squalor came to light after flood waters ravaged the community of New Haven in St Andrew and rendered her homeless.

Moved with empathy, Little Lenny went in search of Sterling and played a major role in helping her to dust herself off and make an attempt at starting over. Sadly. Sterling did not live to realise the full potential of that second chance that was being presented to her.

Sterling’s 'If You Love Me' was a staple in the 1970s. She also provided harmonising vocals for the 'Crown Prince of Reggae' Dennis Brown with whom she grew up with at a tenement known as Big Yard on Orange Street.

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