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Dancehall artiste Tyrifik has teamed up with dancehall star Munga Honorable for the planned get-money anthem, ‘Mula', which is be released with an official music video on July 9.

"I've been teasing a sneak peak on my social media and based on the buzz and the fans’ reaction, the video is highly anticipated ‘cause everybody wants the mula,’’ said Tyrifik, whose given name is Terrio Archer.

Produced by May Pen City Records and Fi Wi Vibes Music, Tyrifik shows off his lyrical qualities as he sings about the 'Mula', a playful slang term for money, and gives posh dancehall fans a slice of dollar-signs-in-the-eyes fantasy.

With Munga bringing his A-game with a playful hook, Tyrifik seems to have found a solid partner-in-crime to get that wad of cash.

"Right now, mi just ah trust the process. Fans from Canada, US, Sweden and England have been giving some great reviews about this team up with Munga, so we know that it is getting traction. The journey is a very long one, but there is light at the end of the tunnel," said Tyrifik.

Over the past few months, the quick-witted singjay has emerged as a fierce dancehall talent because of his somewhat unique voice and new-age flow. He has quickly carved out a decent reputation for his silky, smooth flow and his lyrical capacity.

Munga Honorable

Tyrifik has also been investing heavily in his own label May Pen City Records.

"I am open to work with any major label or like-minded individuals once the chemistry is good. I have the lyrics and melodies, plus the concepts, which equals the formula. I definitely have a buzz right now," he said.

He plans to release a new single dubbed, 'Trust the Process', later this year through May Pen City Records.

He has been promoting his 2019 ‘Reason Fi Live’ EP, which features singles such as ‘Look at Us Now’, featuring Loyal Flames, ‘Dancehall Nice’, featuring Twin Dem, ‘Herbs and Campari’, and the gospel-flavoured ‘Ultimate Friend’. All the songs were released on the May Pen City Records imprint.

The eight-track project is a collection of anecdotes and thoughts on what it was like for him to grow up in his home parish, which listeners from all walks of life may identify and empathise with.

The deejay grew up in humble beginnings in Porus, Manchester. He attended Vere Technical High in Clarendon, but his focus was always music.

He has earned a reputation in dancehall circles for tracks, including ‘Word, Sound And Power’ and ‘Dancehall Spenders’.

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