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West Indies meets Middle East on 'Dutty Money'

Konsequence Muzik and Teetimus Muzic have joined forces for ‘Dutty Money', a song by Maestro Don and Jahvillani on the Dutty Money Rhythm.

The single was released on Friday, February 19, and a video will be shot soon for the song which is to be distributed by Hapilos. Konsequence Muzik and Teetimus Muzic will be releasing the visuals for the project at a later date.

Maestro Don is known for songs such as 'Señorita' featuring D’Yani; 'Ride It' featuring Starface; 'TopMan' featuring Moonlight; 'Leggo Di G', 'Bad Gal' and 'Pioneer' featuring Bounty Killer. Jahvillani is known for 'Clarke Pon Foot'; 'Rubberband'; 'Nuh Reason' and 'Smooth' with Skillbeng.

According to a press release, the idea for the 'Dutty Money' came from the fusion of a Middle East sound mixed with a West Indian sound to create an enjoyable beat. The producers reportedly opted to merge both sounds from the rich cultures in the single.

“The rhythm already had the hit sound, so the vibe followed,” said Maestro.

“It was after that mixing that the initial idea for the song was created. I then thought of an artist who would be easy to work with, talented and popular at the same time, and Jahvillani came to mind. The link was made through a mutual friend and our energies connected through Instagram and studio sessions.

"The song didn’t take long to record for both of us; it was just a studio vibe, had a few drinks and chat and the chemistry flowed effortlessly throughout the entire studio session,” Maestro Don disclosed.

The concept behind the song 'Dutty Money' is to showcase the wealth and success of the Middle East, and the desire of West Indian culture to one day be as successful, he said.

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