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Weekend Calendar of Virtual Events: Calypso tents take the spotlight

Calypso will take to the virtual stage this weekend as calypsonians from various tents take centre stage on WACK 90.1 FM and via simulcast on Iwer Stage.

Kaiso Karavan featuring Bally, Cardinal, Johnny King, Poser, Tiny, Brother Valentino, Kid Kallaloo and Keisha Stewart will kick things off tonight at 7 pm.

On Saturday, Kalypso Revue’s cast featuring Mighty Trini, Sugar Aloes, Sasha Ann Moses, Makeda Darius and Morisha Ransome will perform. Viewers can donate to the calypsonians via FundmeTnT.

The Chrending platform will also feature calypso at the launch of their Kailypso Nites on Sunday with a cast of calypsonians performing before a limited audience at Eljos. The show will stream live on Chrending.

In addition to calypso, this weekend will also see illuSions Mas Black 2 Blue Backyard Jam featuring Farmer Nappy, Voice, Nadia Batson, Kerwin DuBois and Bunji Garlin in addition to international DJ’s such as Private Ryan, Team JOY, Selectah Kerry and hosts Jerome Precilla and Serala Ramlogan.

Although viewing of the event is free to the public, there is a donation link provided on to allow viewers to donate. The link will remain open throughout the Carnival 2021 season for all interested parties

Proceeds generated during Black 2 Blue – “D Backyard Jam”, will be donated to the Just Because Foundation which funds programs at the Children’s Cancer Ward in Mount Hope in addition to ongoing drives to provide devices to children displaced by the pandemic.

Here is the calendar of virtual events for this weekend.

Black 2 Blue D Backyard Jam

Platform: Digicel Facebook, D Music App and illuSions Mas YouTube channel

Date: Saturday, January 23

Showtime: 8 pm

Soca Bites The Launch

Venue: NAPA

Date: Sunday, January 24

Showtime 6:30 pm

Holy Name Convent Flight of the Virtual Phoenix The Home Edition

Platform: Yellar TV

Date: Sunday, January 24

Showtime: 6 to 8 pm

Kailypso Night at Eljos


Date: Sunday, January 24

Showtime: 8 pm

Pan Fuh Pan

Platform: WACK 90.1 FM YouTube and Facebook

DATE: Sunday, January 24

Time: 2 pm to 3 pm

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