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Tis the season: Tallpree reacts to Christmas songs from the Caribbean

There's nothing quite like Christmas in the islands but have you ever stopped to consider what it would be without the upbeat and often humorous songs we've come to know and love?

Loop Caribbean chatted at length with Grenada's jab jab king Tallpree who shared his thoughts on some Christmas songs from across the region.

We captured his reaction to:

How Will Santa Get Here: King Obstinate, Antigua & Barbuda

Talking Parang: Myron B, Trinidad & Tobago

Santa Looking For A Wife: Bindley B, Trinidad & Tobago

De Paint Brush: Kenny J, Trinidad & Tobago

Known across the world for his unique sound, infectious songs and often witty lyrics, Tallpree has Christmas songs of his own.

We were on hand to witness him grooving to

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