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The Queen of Cakes: Fans shower Destra with cakes on her birthday

Destra Garcia certainly felt like a queen on her birthday on Tuesday when she was gifted with five birthday cakes.

The self-proclaimed Queen of Bacchanal showed off her cakes via Instagram today.

The cakes, she told Loop, were from her friends and fans who wanted to ensure she didn't have a repeat of her experience last year when her birthday cake arrived broken.

"I spoke about it in a video so they made sure I had a good day," she said. 

The QoB said she feels blessed and deeply humbled by the outpouring of love. 

The cakes were extravagant pieces of art which included a cake based on her song 'Wine of the Century' from the core of her Bakanation fan base that featured a bottle of wine and grapes.

There was also a custom cake that a fan ordered from Baked with Love that featured a crown on a royal pillow and a cookie cake in the letters QOB from Pookie Cakes.

Destra kicked off her birthday celebrations on IG with a picture of herself in her birthday suit.

She said: “I ransacked my closet, tried on all the designers, but no other outfit was more worthy than my Birthday Suit, The way God made me......Another year of life and I give thanks 🙏 Happy Birthday to me.”

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