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St Vincent: Floodwaters invade some shelters, 3 houses destroyed

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves says the significant rainfall experienced in St Vincent and the Grenadines yesterday led to flooding and several landslides in sections of the island.

From a situation report on the situation, the prime minister says three emergency shelters were flooded, the Doris Mackie Learning Resource Centre, Sion Hill Government and CW Prescod Primary.

The ET Joshua Shopping Centre also experienced severe flooding, with Gonsalves noting a new drainage system will have to be constructed.

Flooding was also reported at Heritage Square, Bentick Square and the roundabout. There was flooding on the third floor of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building. This is due to a blocked drain pipe, which caused the water to enter the third floor.

He says such a scenario is believed to have happened in a number of buildings yesterday.

The heavy downpours washed away a retaining wall at the Belair cemetery

At least nine landslides were recorded across several communities. One house was destroyed in the Upper Montrose area and two houses in the Upper Rockies area.

The prime minister also received a report on the status of the Rabacca bridge. In addition, some upright steel was exposed due to the flow, which came down the river and a centre column is in need of repair.

The rails and the bridge stop are also gone.

Excavation work will also have to take place as it was noted that the Rabacca bridge, which was built with an 18-foot clearance from the bottom, yesterday had a three-to-four-foot clearance from the top of the deposit that came down the river to the bottom of the bridge.

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