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Spice, Macka Diamond show support for Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj has received the support of at least two Jamaican artistes as she faces backlash for her tweets about the COVID-19 vaccine.

Spice and Macka Diamond have both thrown their support behind the Trini-born rapper when she took to Instagram Live to defend her right to ask questions about the vaccine.

Speaking on IG Live on Wednesday, Minaj claimed there is a deliberate attempt to assassinate her character.

“The first attack was from a black woman. This thing to assassinate me is from an Uncle Tomiana when 80 per cent of the artistes y’all are following right now feel like I feel the same way about the vaccine and are too afraid to speak on it. And guess what they are doing right now? If they assassinate me and my character and make me look crazy or stupid, guess what? No one else will ever ask questions again. Don’t you see what’s happening?” she said.

“Disgusting that a person can’t speak about questions or thoughts about something they have to put in their body. This hateful and purposeful…you see they have to get people who can just get on there and make women of colour look f***ing dumb, they can’t deal with smart women, whenever a smart woman challenges anything they get called a bitch or crazy, pick one or pick both.”

Commenting on the video, Spice said Minaj was under attack for her ace and intelligence.

“Onika you are under attack because you’re “black and intelligent” when we are too educated we become a problem to society. May God watch over you and cover every step you take,” wrote the Queen of Dancehall.

Minaj reposted Spice’s comment in her IG stories.Minaj, who is a huge fan of dancehall, reggae and Jamaican culture, is a fan of Spice.

Back in August, following the debut of Spice’s album 10, Minaj rated one of the songs as her favourite.

“Guess which song the Queen @nickiminaj 👑 listening to off my Album ? #Senditup 🔥🔥🔥 Inna mi belly , belly, belly ‼️ Link in my bio to grab my Album #spicealbum10 . Thanks @nickiminaj Big up Yuh nice clean ole, fresh breath, good stomach Self 💙💙💙 Right blooodclaaat Desso !!” Spice responded on her IG account.

Another dancehall artiste, Macka Diamond, reminded the rapper that she is a strong black woman.

“United we stand divided we fall most black people still don't get you are a strong-minded black woman and you are blessed God is in control blessed love stay focus and prayed,” she wrote.Minaj claimed that 80 percent of the artistes her fans follow feel the same way she does about the vaccines but they are afraid to speak out.

Many Jamaican stars, however, have been unafraid to air their views about the vaccine.

Dancehall veteran Buju Banton has been among those most notably speaking out against the vaccine as well as COVID-19 restrictions in Jamaica.

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