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Sophia Brown gives back to the Jamaica Down's Syndrome Foundation

A recording artiste by the name of Sophia Brown has donated 16 tablets to the Jamaica Down's Syndrome Foundation.

Brown said the donations were made last week through her foundation, Angel of the hearts, and is aimed at assisting those who may need the devices for various online pursuits.

"I am someone who is always looking for ways to give back but with this particular foundation, I wanted to help in any way possible because my lovely niece Heidi Brianna Buchanan has the condition," Brown said in a release.

"Even though she is well taken care of, there are other individuals who need the extra help and push so by doing some research, I found this foundation and immediately wanted to be a part of it," Brown said.

Not stopping there, the artiste says she has set up alternative means to ensure continued support for the foundation and those on the receiving end.

Brown said through her foundation, a Gofundme has been set up to receive donations from people she would have reached out to for help.

"Giving back is a part of who I am and it will naturally continue as long as I am here. Even when I’m not, those who are close to me will continue the works of the foundation," she expressed.

In addition, Brown is encouraging other entertainers to use their platforms in a positive way.

"I see a lot of them giving back and some silently doing so as well but for those who are not, I would tell them to do so because they have the influence and, being a little bit more fortunate, they can help others in many ways," she stated.

On the musical forefront, Sophia Brown is currently on the promotional trail for her latest track “My Religion” featuring Duane Stephenson. The song has been tremendously received and has already become a favorite for many.

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