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Songstress Courti chooses to ‘Sekkle’ during the pandemic

Up-and-coming recording artiste, Courtni, has grown in popularity following the announcement of her latest single “Sekkle, released in February of this year.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, the female singer pushes forward to make her dreams a reality and encourages other young artistes and creatives to do the same.

“Music provides positivity. And there is no time like the present, we still have to move forward. People need a distraction, or rather, the comfort that music brings. And it’s not just music, people need art and other creative outlets that will inspire and lift spirits,” Courtni shared.

Since its release, the single has captured the attention of several other artistes and key industry players, having been added to several playlists currently on the Spotify platform.

The artiste shared that she received the nod of approval from reggae singer Protoge and dancehall artiste Devin Di Dakta, who added “Sekkle” to their respective playlists, ‘Fresh and Clean’ and ‘Dancehall You Should Know’.

“Making the decision to release the song has really paid off. The reception has really been good, and I have received a lot of support from persons in the industry. But I think what has made me happiest is when people see me, they reference the song, they sing the lines they know. That to me is very beautiful and exciting and definitely gives me the drive to keep going,” Courtni said.

“Music is used to celebrate, it’s used to meditate, it's played when you're happy and it's played when you're sad. My advice to any young artiste is to keep putting out music because it will find its right audience,” she continued.

“Sekkle” can be found on several streaming platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Napster, Deezer, Pandora, Audiomack, Soundcloud, Anghami and Youtube.

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