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Soka in Moka Uploaded on today

By this time last year patrons would have been preparing for the first school All-Inclusive of the Carnival season, Soka in Moka.

However, as we all know, with COVID-19 forcing the cancellation of Carnival, related activities cannot take place in their usual format with many migrating to a virtual platform.

Soka in Moka Uploaded, the virtual edition of the Trinity College fete, will give patrons a taste of the past and the present with a live concert today.

The concert will feature performances from Olatunji, Nadia Batson, Voice, Nailah Blackman, Patrice Roberts and the A Team Band. Viking Ding Dong will be the DJ and the show will be hosted by Soka in Moka MCs Nikki Crosby and JW.

The immersive platform via went live yesterday and allows patrons from Trinidad and Tobago to visit booths and win prizes.

A ticketed event, Soka in Moka Uploaded costs US$15 per ticket.

Dexter Charles, PRO of the event, said the early bird price has been maintained and so far, they have had a steady stream of sales leading up to the big event today.

To access visit:

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