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Shenseea Silenced Her Critics With “Alpha” Fans React On Twitter

Shenseea silenced her critics after dropping off her debut album, Alpha, on Friday.

For the past few weeks, the Jamaican singer has been getting a lot of hate on social media over her new music, but that all changed today when she dropped off her album. Some folks even admitted that they had to eat their words after listening to the body of work.

Shenseea was facing major criticism for the direction of her career leading up to her release date. There was some unification among those who did not favor her quest to dominate across multiple genres. Fans converged on Twitter last weekend to give Shenseea a spot on the trending list, as they discussed her new music and the focus of her career.

On March 04, Shenseea debuted a new song off the album, and the backlash was swift. “Deserve It,” which was produced by Rvssian, seemingly ditched Shenseea’s dancehall roots, opting for elements of pop and R&B to fill the gap. Shenseea flexes her vocals while performing a smooth dance routine to round out the performance. Her critics checking things out via TV-land seemingly found her latest offerings less than impressive.

One critic wrote, “Shenseea’s new music isn’t good. It’s not even her. She already had an international appeal with her dancehall vibe and music, all she needed was more push and good marketing. For fans who knew her before this, it’s really hard for us to accept what we’re getting now.”

The tweet in question has now been retweeted more than twelve hundred times, gaining more than four thousand five hundred likes in the process.

Another Twitter user wrote, “There are 73 pretty girls in America already making the music that Shenseea is trying to make. They’re also doing it a lot better than she. There has to be a better way.” That tweet was retweeted 138 times at the writing of this article and was liked 924 times.

Still, not everyone is in the business of bashing Shenseea’s decision to focus on gaining traction in an international market.

Those in support made it clear that entertainers from the Caribbean have no other choice than to conform in order to reach the level of stardom, pointing out the likes of Rihanna and Nicki Minaj.

In 2019, Shenseea signed to Interscope Records through Rvssian‘s Rich Immigrant musical imprint, moving from the Jamaican-based Romeich Entertainment, where her talents were discovered. In 2021 she announced her new manager Wassim “Sal” Slaiby, a force that has no doubt helped her transition. Tracks that have earned major pushback from fans included “IDKW” with Swae Lee and Young Thug, “Run Run,” “Lick” featuring Megan Thee Stallion, and “R U That” with 21 Savage. Dancehall heavy tracks such as “Upset,” “Rebel,” and “Dolly” have also been released within the space of a year and a half.

During an Instagram LIVE in January, Shenseea explained her decision to channel more of her energy into making it in other markets since she has spent the last five years crushing the local scene in Jamaica.

Alpha was released on March 11, and while local fans had doubts about the project, Shenseea has been getting a lot of support from fans, and those who were critical of her new music leading up to the release are now taking back those words.

Shenseea had a little clap back at some of her critics.

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