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Rytikal Introduces New Stage Moniker ‘Purytikal’, Says Positive Music Only For 2022

Eastsyde recording star Rytikal, has added a new stage moniker to his name as Purytikal.

This new name will represent the artist’s pure and clean side for his music in 2022 and the rest of his blossoming career.

The 25-year-old singjay told Winford Williams, host of OnStage, that he will be uplifting his fans with new lyrics, good music, and an overall mindset change going forward in his career.

“Due to the fact that Rytikal was known for King Inna War, Cookie Jar, and some other songs weh are more on a violent perspective, suh for the new year is purity, so you’re going to get a pure Rytikal, so it’s Puritykal.” The Where I’m From artist said on the show.

“The music will be positivity only, yuh nah guh hear nobody else other than Rytikal, just Purytikal, purity,” he said. “You will be getting a better Rytikal, better lyrics, a positive person that’s for sure, people will be looking at life differently,” the singjay stated confidently.

He has expressed that he is on a path of being an example to others who may feel down because of life setbacks. He wants to be a motivator with his music and send the right message.

The deejay also stated that he didn’t get his high school subjects but knows he isn’t dunce, which Winford agreed in saying, “there is nothing about you that is dunce.”

The St. Thomas native, Ryan “Purytikal” McFarlane, has several violent songs. However, he first made an impression online when Zip FM personality, ZJ Sparks uploaded the budding star to her Instagram page performing a freestyle with clean and conscious lyrics. It was then that some people compared him to Skillibeng who at the time was the new wonder in dancehall.

When asked about the beef with Skillibeng, the songwriter told host Windford Williams that there is no beef, and Skillibeng added that they will always be good, as they are from the same place and will always be family.

“Both of us were born in Airy Castle, we are from the same place, our families are connected. We wouldn’t want to go around hurting our family,” he said.

The artist also addressed his gun-related charges and mentioned that whether the outcome of his case is good or bad, he will always be in a firm place as an individual.

“Life comes with stress and that’s the best, motivation keeps us going”.

On January 28 last year, police on patrol in Eight Miles, Bull Bay, saw Rytikal acting suspiciously. The police questioned him, and on searching his motorcar, they allegedly found a gun with 12 rounds of ammunition in the vehicle.

He allegedly told the police that the firearm was a prop for a music video. He was then arrested and charged.

Rytikal is best known for his song Chosen, released seven months ago on the ‘My Letter To You Riddim’ from Dynasty Records and DJ Mac.

The self-introspective song propelled him to the next level of his career and currently holds upwards of 13 million streams on his Vevo channel. That track is in the Top 50 Best Dancehall Songs of 2021. His singles “Ready” and “Story” were also among Youtube trending videos for 2021.

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