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Reggae singer Yvonne Sterling dies just months after making comeback

Just months after getting a fresh grasp at life, reggae songstress Yvonne Sterling has died.

Sterling passed away on Monday due to complications associated with a stroke. She had been hospitalised for two weeks.

Her passing has struck veteran dancehall artiste Little Lenny hard. The deejay took to social media to express his sadness.

“It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of Ms Yvonne Sterling. Ms Sterling passed away this morning after suffering from a stroke. We are extremely devastated as this unfortunate circumstance occurred as she was just about to embark on a renewed musical journey, one that would allow her to reclaim what she lost in her earlier years. She will forever be in our hearts. May she rest in Eternal Peace,” the entertainer wrote on his Facebook page.

Sterling lived in abject poverty despite being a leading female voice of reggae music in the 1970s. She resided in the flood prone community of New Haven in the Corporate Area. After flood waters almost claimed her life last year, her story hit social media and it came to the attention of Little Lenny who embarked on a quest to find Sterling and see how he could assist.

Little Lenny drove through flood waters to seek out Sterling. After finding her, he struck a partnership with colleague Richie Stephens and the song 'Thank You Lord' was born.

The single was recorded in early December and was gaining traction before Sterling's untimely death.

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