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Reggae Royalty Ziggy Marley Auctioned His Acoustic Guitar For A Cause

Ziggy Marley says the charity auction for his autographed acoustic guitar, which was placed online for bidding, in partnership with the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund in California in mid-August, has now ended.

The signed guitar was donated by Ziggy Marley in support of Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, in a bid to help struggling musicians and music industry workers within the United States. “UPDATE: the auction has now ended. Give thanks to all who bid and all who are supporting the cause. BLESS • • •

Help the weak if you are strong. @sweetreliefmusiciansfund is auctioning my signed guitar to help musicians and music industry workers who are struggling to make ends meet while facing illness, disability and other problems,” Ziggy posted on his Instagram page on Monday.

“It is a honor for me to be asked to support such a cause…. Let’s see if we can give a helping hand…,” he added.

Ziggy has been an unfailing donor to Sweet Relief Musicians Fund charity auctions since 2014. Established in 1994, the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, through the help of donors such as Ziggy, has served the music community in the United States by granting funds to needy professional musicians across all genres.

The organization’s purpose is to raise money to provide financial assistance to musicians who are struggling financially while facing illness, disability, or age-related issues.

]Last month Ziggy and his family were announced as the stars for California-based footwear brand Uggs’ newest holiday advertising campaign.

Along with his wife and seven children, the 51-year-old conducted a photoshoot and video for Uggs Christmas advertising campaign, which was set to the background of his ‘Love Is My Religion’ song, the title track from his 2006 album.

Ziggy is no stranger to philanthropy, having founded the URGE (Unlimited Resources Giving Enlightenment) charity, a nonprofit organization that supports needy women, children, and communities in Los Angeles. He is also the founder of Heart of Los Angeles, a youth engagement program for underserved youngsters, which provides academic, arts, and athletics activities.

Ziggy, who is the oldest son of Reggae Icon, Bob Marley, is Jamaica’s most acclaimed Grammy award winner, having copped eight wins from 15 nominations over the years. He registered his first platinum-selling album with his 1988 Grammy-winning LP Conscious Party, which also featured his biggest hit to date, ‘Tomorrow People”.

Other Grammy wins by him include the one Bright Day album in 1988, Fallen is Babylon in 1985, Love is My Religion in 1997, Family Time in 2006, Ziggy Marley in Concert in 2011, Fly Rasta in 2013 and We are Music in 2014.

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