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Reggae Music Producer Dusk Launches “Flawless Rhythm”

LONDON – Though he left his native Grenada in 1995, music producer/singer Iglazmosia Dusk never abandoned the Caribbean ideals he learned as a youth on that tiny island.

The London-based Dusk recently launched his latest project, the Flawless rhythm, and reached out to some of his West Indian brethren to help spread the joy.

Bring Back Those Days, by roots-reggae firebrands Capleton and Luciano, is lead single from the Flawless which is released by Dusk’s company Golden Quest Empire.

Dusk, whose moniker is Kongquez Golden, does Blessed Child on the rhythm, while Breaking up is Not For Us, is done by veteran deejay Merciless and newcomer Shantell.

Though his music tastes are eclectic, Dusk says he is drawn to the energy of dancehall and reggae.

“What attracts me most to dancehall is the accent and unique sound, mostly different from the world,” he said. “Reggae and dancehall is universal, so I grew up listening to Bob Marley, Peter and Shabba Ranks…the list goes on.”

For the Flawless, the first artiste he approached was Luciano, the self-described Messenger, whose songs include It’s me Again Jah, Lord Give me Strength and Ulterior Motive.

Once Luciano agreed to record, Capleton came into the picture. Both are survivors of the roots revival that swept Jamaican dancehall during the early 1990s.

Kongquez Golden has been recording since his teens but got into music production in 2014 when he guided singers Starr Blacks and Shay Hil on the gospel song, Prayer.

His passion for music was nurtured by his religious grandmother while growing up in Grenada.

“I grew up with my Granny and she made me go to church every Sunday. I haven’t completely produced any gospel music at the moment, but I am working with a young lady who is very talented from Jamaica named Karen Eldemire,” he said.

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