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Reggae Month: Stars deliver top performances on Global Reggae Night I

A number of Jamaica's recording stars provided top-notch entertainment for an online audience on Friday, the first of the two Global Reggae nights to commemorate Reggae Month.

The event, which had performances that were recorded live at the Creative Production and Training Centre (CPTC), was hosted by media personality Yendi Phillipps and featured talents from different eras of reggae.

Those who took to the stage were Omi, Leroy Sibbles, Koffee and Capleton, who were mostly backed by Dean Fraser and the Black Soil Band. There was also a video presentation from songbird Tessanne Chin, in which she spoke about what she loves about Jamaica.

A reggae dance ensemble opened the evening’s performances before Omi brought his blend of reggae and up-tempo American music with songs such as ‘Hula Hoop’, ‘Masterpiece’, ‘Cheerleader’ and ‘Party Like It’s Your Birthday’.

Leroy Sibbles touched classics such as ‘Party Time’, ‘She Was Only Sixteen’, ‘Why Did You Leave’ and ‘Book of Rules’ before doing his cover versions of ‘Always On My Mind’, and ‘Try Me’.

Koffee was smooth throughout her performance that included ‘Toast’, ‘W’, ‘Raggamuffin’, ‘Throne’, ‘Burning’, ‘Pressure’, ‘Rapture’ and ‘Lockdown’.

Capleton closed the evening with his usual energetic performance. Among his songs were ‘That Day Will Come’, ‘Jah Jah City’, ‘Don’t Change’ and ‘Raggy Road’,

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