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Reggae artiste Black Queen mourning mother’s sudden death

Reggae artiste Black Queen is mourning the death of her mother, 76-year-old Evelyn McDermott, who died suddenly on Thursday night.

"I think it was her blood pressure. It spiked and she collapsed and died," Black Queen told Loop News.

"RIP MOMMY. I did the best I could to make you happy, I tried so hard. You are the reason I worked so hard. Ever since I was a little girl, I made a promise to myself to take you out of poverty and give you a better life,” the artiste posted on her social media page.

“Sometimes I was so frustrated because there was much envy and people fighting against me, and I could see the sadness on your face as you would say you feel bad ‘cause it's me alone everything was on.

“I even put my career aside because I wanted to focus on you and my other siblings before I branched off because I know I wouldn't have the time for you (then), but I want you to know I have no regrets," she added.

Black Queen is known for singles such as 'Black N Proud', which is a response to the negative connotations that some persons ascribe to the word 'black', and tracks such as 'Thankful' and 'Nobody Knows My Pain', the latter a tribute to Nicko Chromatic who passed away after losing his battle with kidney disease.

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