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Rad Dixon puts reggae spin on Kenny Rogers hit

Though he has been a fan of Kenny Rogers since his teens, singer Rad Dixon never thought about covering any of the country legend's songs until last year.

Recently, he put a reggae spin on 'Write Your Name', which Rogers did as 'Across my Heart' in 1997. Dixon's version is produced by Tasjay Productions.

The team at Tasjay Productions, including principal James Smith and Rishardo Treasure, agreed that 'Write Your Name' was perfect for Dixon to cover.

Dixon, however, was first drawn to the song while performing at a special event some years ago.

"A lady asked me to sing it at her wedding in Fort Lauderdale and I fell in love with the song. It's like I was ordained to sing it," he said.

The Manchester-born artiste is based in South Florida from where he has done most of his songs, many of them for Tasjay Productions.

'Baby Don't Worry' and 'Keep The Children Safe' are among the songs Dixon has cut for the Toronto-based label.

He discovered the music of Kenny Rogers through 'Islands in The Stream', a massive hit song in 1983 for Rogers and Dolly Parton.

Rogers, who died in March last year at age 81, was widely popular in Jamaica. 'Write Your Name' was one of his last hits in the country.

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