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Peter Ram apologises for vulgar lyrics in Trojan Riddim track

Following the public backlash and criticism of the Trojan Riddim Dancehall Mix, popular entertainer, Peter 'Ram' Wiggins has stepped forward to offer his "sincere and humble apology".

In a video published on his Instagram and Facebook, Ram apologised to his followers, fans and the public for his participation in the track.

He is one of the ten artistes involved in the riddim produced by Dwain 'Dwaingerous' Antrobus of BassInk. The 16-minute music video for the riddim caught public scorn after retired Voice of Barbados talkshow host and moderator of Down to Brass Tacks, David Ellis spoke about it on Monday.

Since Ellis vocalized his disdain for the music video the viewership increased from 51,746 to more than 61, 000 – more 10, 000 views within 24 hours.

Ellis charged that the artistes involved were "clearly promoting gun violence" in the music video and held that they should not be given Government support.

This would specifically target Peter Ram and Reco 'Mole' Cumberbatch who were part of the Ministry of Education's Anti-Violence Campaign in 2018. Additionally, Mole, Ram as well as Brutal Crankstar were part Government's COVID-19 Mask Up campaign.

His controversial lyrics, however, include; "F*ck around 38, 40, 45, M-16 calibre, AK. We rubber band pop, call the culprit, high tension like electric. Dem disrespect, dem get exit and we teach them a lesson like polytechnic."

But in the apology video Ram explained that the track was a freestyle he created a year and a half ago.

"Sincerest and humblest apology to all followers, fans, sponsors along with the general public for the lyrical content that was freestyled on a riddim a year and a half ago. I hope you accept my apologies for the lyrical content on the freestyle."

"It was never my intention to offend anyone so as one of Barbados' top entertainers, I deeply apologise to all my fans and friends and all the little kids who look up to me".

Since posting the apology video, Ram has amassed 7, 228 views and 1,121 likes on Instagram and over 1,300 views on Facebook.

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