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Nowlege makes debuts on iTunes

Big and Heavy , the debut eight-track album by Nowlege, has entered the iTunes Reggae Albums Chart at three. It was released yesterday via Clear Shot Media LLC.

Big and Heavy comprises Here to Stay, Come Through, Foot Pan Neck, Reggae Music (featuring Skillinjah), General, Big and Heavy, You (featuring Nicolette Paige), and Good Vibes (featuring Skillinjah and Josh Heinrichs).

“The fans can expect a great body of work with energetic rhythms and witty lyrics with a great message,” Nowlege explained.

He continued, “This album is to introduce myself to the reggae world and to also bring a new style and vibe to the industry. It is also to let people know that there are talented reggae artistes all over the world making good reggae music.”

Youthman Records, Banx Music Group, Kana Keihn, and Clear Shot Media LLC are among the producers on the project.

Prior to his debut album, Nowlege released several mix tapes which helped to build his name on the reggae circuit in Kansas City. Having begun pursuing music professionally eight years ago, he explained his growth musically.

“I have educated myself more about current events real life issues instead of just singing about random things.”

Nowlege (real name Jerome Foster) participated in high jump at Bridgeport High School and at the Inter-secondary Schools Sports Association Boys' and Girls' Champs in 2003 before taking up a scholarship to attend Kansas City Community College, where he studied audio engineering.

Since 2005, he has resided in Kansas City, one of the cities in the US Midwest, which has a growing and vibrant reggae scene.

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