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Now My Selectah gives you customised playlists with live DJ effects

ith his new venture Now My Selectah, Aswaad Peters is giving you the benefit of hearing your favourite songs with added DJ effects and voiceovers.

Aswaad, also known in the Caribbean music industry as DJ Aswaad, came up with the idea for the service about three years ago but with the pandemic effectively shutting down the entertainment industry and limiting his ability to work as a touring DJ, he decided to make the concept a reality.

He told Loop News that despite the pandemic, people are still celebrating birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries and living their lives and while they could curate their own playlists on a streaming service or from YouTube, he wanted to give people the experience of a true live, West Indian event hence the name Now My Selectah.

With Now My Selectah, you can customise your playlist by selecting the genres - Reggae, Soca, Dancehall, Pop, R&B, Hip Hop - and songs you want and selecting the voice talent to accompany that. Apart from events, the service is also perfect for gyms and storefronts, he said.

“When you visit the website, you create the playlist and you have different events to choose from, be it weddings or whatever. That is important because as a DJ I know the type of energy that goes into different playlists, so when you choose one I know what type of effects to add and what kind of talking to do,” Aswaad explained.

When you click on Order My Playlist, you are taken to a form that allows you to select the type of event you want the music for. Options include private parties, road trips, birthday parties and baby showers. You can also choose the duration of the playlist and the option to select a maximum of three genres and list your favourite artistes under each. You are also given an option to add voice talent.

Aswaad, who works on Trinidad's Slam 100.5 FM, has enlisted some of his friends in radio to provide that talent, among them Jamaican DJ and broadcaster ZJ Sparks, and Trinidadian radio personalities Major Penny, Ashleigh Baksh, Ken Simmons, Jynnyn Edwards and co-founder Jason Williams (JW). Aswaad said JW, his mentor, was instrumental in pulling the business together.

Once your order is complete, the playlist will take a maximum of 72 hours to be created and delivered to your Now My Selectah account as an MP3 or WAV file which you can download.

Since launching Now My Selectah last week, Aswaad has received over 60 orders. He has contracted other DJs to work with him on commission to cater to the demand.

As we head into the New Year, Aswaad is looking to add various specials such as a New Year’s playlist with a countdown, a Carnival All–Inclusive playlist and a gospel playlist for the Lenten period.

An app is also in the works.

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