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Nicki Minaj’s mum seeks US$150m from husband’s alleged killer

Carol Maraj, the mother of Trinidad-born rapper, Nicki Minaj, has filed a US$150 million lawsuit against the man charged with her husband’s death.

Robert Maraj,64, was killed on February 12, 2021 when he was struck by a car allegedly driven by Charles Polevich, 70, as he was crossing a street in Mineola, New York.

According to prosecutors, Polevich allegedly got out of his vehicle and asked Maraj if he was okay, but left the scene without offering aid or calling for assistance.

Attorney Ben Crump, who represents the rapper’s widowed mother, posted on Instagram: “He was not only irresponsible and negligent, but more concerned about running away and hiding than seeking help. Polevich's behaviour was criminal, cowardly and immoral. We will hold him responsible for his reckless actions that led to Robert Maraj's death!”

Polevich, who lives most of the year in the Pacific island of Guam, is on a US$250,000 bond. His driver's licence has been suspended and he was ordered to turn over his passport.

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