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NA singer presents his Curaçao national anthem version to Governor

Kadir Snijder, a singer/songwriter from the Netherlands Antilles, has presented a CD with his version of the Curaçao anthem to Governor Lucille George-Wout.

In a government media release, it was reported Snijder visited with George-Wout on November 3 and presented his rendition of the song, which he said is dedicated to the Governor and the people of Curaçao. "Curaçao Sound Energy, the organisation that guided Kadir Snijder in the realisation of this version of the national anthem, has been presenting local talents to the world on the island for several years."

The release said no less than 31 instruments and a choir accompany Snijder's voice on the song. His version of the national anthem is also available through digital platforms such as Spotify and iTunes.

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