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Menelik ‘Don Dada’ Gibbons speaks about his trip to Jamaica

Reggae and hip-hop artist Menelik ‘Don Dada’ Nesta Gibbons is fulfilling his purpose as a humanitarian and an entrepreneur in music circles and simultaneously changing the norm. The musician was celebrated for his milestone achievement at the Factory on Grant in Norwood on Sunday, 1 September during their six-monthly #SwaggSundays event. He headlined the SWAGG Sunday – Reggae segment, a concept launched by LitCity. Don Dada, the owner of RuFF CuTT Studio has achieved another milestone in his career on an international stage. The musician recalled his experience after performing in Jamaica on the prestige Bob Marley Tribute Concert along with another artist from South Africa Seed Under on 17 August. The two artists were well received and through a sterling performance graced the front page of the Jamaican Gleaner – the newspaper in Jamaica.

Don Dada with Damien Marley’s Mother, Cindy Breakspeare, in Jamaica where he performed on the Bob Marley Tribute Concert. Photo: Supplied “The performances went well along with other international artists and a Jamaican reggae band based in Las Vegas Bonafide and we were well received. They liked and enjoyed how I fuse hip hop with reggae music,” he said.

This musician and social influencer made his debut on the 2016 Mandela Day concert in Johannesburg and has now made history as the first South African to perform on the prestige Bob Marley Tribute Concert in Jamaica. He has since become an industry leader by breaking tradition and creating ground-breaking possibilities, growth for himself and others in the music business. With his profound insight on how certain music processes come together, he had established a foundation to build upon, all for showcasing his talents and the attributes that his music is able to portray.

Don Dada and Seed Under are published on the front page of the Jamaican Gleaner – the newspaper in Jamaica. Photo: Supplied “I’ve learnt that music is not just about fame but humility as well. I realised that no matter where we are as Africans in the diaspora, we connect through music.” Collaborating with Reggae Powerhouse Bank producer Leroy Scarlett, Don Dada has released three (3) single tracks this year, Jah Is Good, Message from Afrika and Lion, which have quickly become popular. His visit was filled with success stories as Tuff Gong International Studio invited Don Dada to the album launch of Third World by Damien Marley. He added that with his studio he also try to help producers from an underprivileged background. “We acquired the business distribution contract with Tuff Gong International and Content Connect Africa and we can take other artists,” said Don Dada.

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