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March 31 deadline for Digithon event for cultural actors and creatives

Calling all musicians. Calling all designers. Calling all visual artists, actors and producers. You may finally be able to secure the elusive funding for your dream project, play or film.

For a 24 hour period, on May 26th, 2021, actors, funders and supporters of the cultural and creative (CC) industries from all over the globe will gather for the Resource Mobilization Digithon 2021. The registration for this event is on March 31.

"The Digithon is an online event which allows creatives to be paired with donors.

"It's an opportunity to present your support programme to dozens of artists and CC entrepreneurs. You can meet and network with other donors organisations and people in the sector, and best of all it is free," Andrea King, Director, Culture and Arts for Love and Living (CALL), told Loop News.

"The Resource Mobilisation Digithon is a programme of Culture Funding Watch (CFW) for CC actors’ empowerment, where CC supporters from all over the world present their support mechanisms designed specifically for the CCI actors."

The digithon event will be in the form of speed meeting sessions, each lasting no more than 30 minutes, where CC supporters like CDB will take a table around which will seat seven artists/cultural actors willing to hear about the programmes to be presented. "Please note that if your programme targets a certain geographical region in which English is not a prominent language, you are free to present your programme in the language of your choice," King said. Here is a link to a video giving more details about the event: If you are interested in learning more about it, complete an expression of interest form the CFW Website: so the team can contact you with more information.

Caribbean participation is being facilitated by South-South Collective (SSC), a regional group of which the Barbados-based Culture and Arts for Love and Living (CALL) is a founding partner.

SSC works in trade, business to business opportunities and south – south cooperation, towards advancing the development of the creative and cultural industries in the Caribbean and the global south. In this regard, both CALL and SSC work with a rapidly expanding group of artists, writers, designers and other creative professionals across the region. King is also a founding partner of the South South Collective.

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