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Majah Hype’s ex-lover makes allegations against him

The former fiancée of comedian Majah Hype has made numerous allegations against him on social media.

The allegations were levelled against the popular Caribbean impersonator and comedian when the woman, Latisha Kirby, took to Instagram on Wednesday.

She followed up with another video on Thursday after a video of her having sex with another man surfaced online.

In the first video posted on Wednesday, Kirby, without identifying her abuser, spoke about her ordeal.

“Imagine letting people know in your circle what’s going on with you and their first question is well what did you do as if there is anything I could have done to deserve that, that’s disgusting to me, that’s disgusting cause it didn’t happen to me once, twice, three times, four times, it happened to me too many times,” she added.

She apologised to her family for disconnecting herself from them and pretending she was okay.

In the second video, following the leak of a sex tape that she said was 10 years old, Kirby spoke directly to the comedian in relation to the release of the video.

She also made allegations about the comedian’s reported health scare recently.

“Every time you try to hurt me I will tell the truth,” she said.

“I am not playing a game,” said the mother of one, “this is my life and you are trying to ruin me.”

At the time of writing, Majah Hype had not publicly addressed the allegations. Instead, he posted Bible verses about truth to his IG stories.

Loop News has tried unsuccessfully to reach the comedian.

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