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Koffee Encourages Fans To “Shine” In New Song Off ‘Gifted” Album

Koffee encourages music fans with a new feel-good banger “Shine” off her debut album, Gifted.

Grammy winner Koffee is at it again, dropping new music for her fans to add to their already healthy playlist of upbeat music that leaves you feeling good despite everything else happening in the world. Indeed Koffee’s music is a respite from all the drama and negativity accompanying most singers. It provides a ray of light in a sometimes dark and cynical world and allows you to remember that you still have a reason to smile regardless of all your challenges.

“Shine” was released on March 22, and it currently has over 100 K views, with it also being number 23 on YouTube’s trending list.

With “Shine,” Koffee tells people to recognize that music is a life changer because one can choose to put in the time at the studio and not in a penal institution; we can raise our hands to dance and cheer for our favorite song and not because the security forces are at our backs and an arrest is imminent. Indeed “Shine” is about finding something to smile about and that much-needed perseverance to ignore all the naysayers around you and go after your dreams.

The two and half minute song comes from 2 Promised Land Recordings Limited. Koffee’s ability to make people listen is truly a gift, and in the track, this is quite evident.

Koffee sings, “Unless my mic on set, don’t waa see no hands up / And no red shirt, no waa see nuh handcuff / Let’s just stay alive, youth have to find a way to put the 9 away / Peace and love finally, I’ve got to shine, you got to shine / Do-do-da-da-da-daa. Oh Lord have mercy shine our light pon me. Yea guide me, show where my eyes can’t see / Melodies my remedies can do, feeling these bad energies don’t look pon you / Tell this to my fellow Gs, all enemies dem too / Best believe and you’ll achieve whatever you waa do.”

Fans are thrilled with her latest output, and the reviews from listeners have been more than favorable as they have expressed that she has another chart-topper on her hands with this one. One fan commented, “Koffee has done it again, another inspiring, uplifting tune with excellent vocals. Koffee never disappoints. Keep it up girl. We are proud of you. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. It often helps us through our days.”

Another chimed, “Koffee is an exemplary icon in the music industry. She shines with epic and positive vibrations, and she also emanates kindness as well as homage to the Jamaican culture.”

Check out Koffee’s new release below.

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