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King Von’s Manager Track Speak On NBA YoungBoy Disrespecting O Block

NBA YoungBoy disrespecting O Block sets a bad presidence for continued violence, says King Von’s manager, Track.

Something unusual has been happening in and around Louisiana and Chicago. The verdict is still out on whether or not it is just swift marketing tactics or jabs at their respective rivals. This is in reference to the new billboards spotted in respective opponents’ territories of Chicago and Baton Rouge. A billboard endorsing Lil Durk was seen in Lousianna, while one endorsing YoungBoy Never Broke Again was spotted in Chicago.

The beef between NBA YoungBoy and Lil Durk has been escalating over the years, with the last two years feeling the tensest, partially as a result of the killing of King Von in Atlanta. Since then, the respective players on either territory have traded shots at each other on wax and on social media. Not everyone is supportive of the beef, which is exactly what King Von‘s former manager Track explained while on the No Jumper set.

In doing so, he described the ramifications of what transpired on November 6, 2020, when Von died.

“Nobody pulled up with a drop and ready to blitz or do nothing to nobody, it was literally a crazy unexpecting night,” he said. “The turnaround happen with everybody ending up getting f*cked up. Your homeboy got shot, your other homeboy career is affected,” he said.

Track feels the situation between the OTF and Never Broke Again crew should be squashed since it negatively influences the culture. Still, the manager also feels the beef is more geared towards entertainment since YB and Turn does don’t qualify as true ‘opps’ who usually reside in the same area.

The erection of the billboards could possibly change the scope of just how beefs are administered in this modern ‘warfare.’ This means trading in physical scuffles or war of words for market domination, especially in your rival’s jurisdiction.

YoungBoy decided to promote his Colors Mixtape on his huge spread as he brandishes the tagline “YB Vs Everybody,” meanwhile, the billboard uploaded in Lousiana was worded “Durk Better.”

On March 04, King Von’s first posthumous body of work titled What It Means to Be King was rivaled by NBA YoungBoy and DaBaby’s project Better Than You. The OTF legend solo work outpaced the collaborative project in its first week’s sale. There could be another contest on the way if rumors of NBA YoungBoy dropping on the same day that Durk is scheduled are actually true.

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