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King Tappa shuns negative energy with

Recording artiste King Tappa makes an appeal against negative energy with his latest single No Drama.

“The song was done to remind us to stay positive despite all the negativity that is prevalent in the world today. The aim of the song is to boost self-confidence and to remind each person that they are great and unique in their own special way. We can't allow negative people or situations to steal our joy,” King Tappa explained.

The song was produced by King Tappa while RP Beats Management created the rhythm for the track.

In a move to promote the song, a video for No Drama was released a few months ago. The video features some of King Tappa's friends and people who have contributed to career.

“I believe that the video fits the song perfectly. A few of the radio DJs in the video are people who are dear to me and have contributed toward my career. I have never had issues with any of them and I pray to God that this continues. I was basically giving credit to the people I believe showed me support along my journey,” he explained.

King Tappa (real name Kurt Prince) has been doing reggae music for almost a decade. Originally from Dominica, he presently resides in the United States.

“I have worked with Y-Not Productions, iMark Studio, Special Delivery and Iron Gate Records, just to name a few,” said King Tappa.

He continued, “My journey in music has been not so terrible. I feel because I have access to a recording studio, camera, social media platforms and other ways to promote myself, that has made it a lot easier for me. The road is tough yes, but I am very optimistic about reaching my goals.”

The singjay is very much hands-on where his music is concerned.

“My style, energy, love, creation, humbleness and passion this is what I bring to the table. I write, record, mix and master. I also write all of my songs and I do my own artwork for the release of my songs,” he said.

An album is on the cards for release in early 2021. Later this year, he will release the songs My Style and Nobody.

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