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Kabaka Pyramid says 'Trample Dem' in new song against child abuse

Kabaka Pyramid, known for his conscious music, continues to use his talent as a tool to speak up for injustice.

With his new single 'Trample Dem', the Jamaican reggae artist continues that mission.

The song is part of his soon to be released Mixtape titled "Immaculate," mixed by well-known producer and DJ, Max Glazer. 

Highlighting the inherent dangers of child abuse in Jamaica and other parts of the world, Kabaka hopes “Trample Dem” will trigger conversations and actions against the dastardly act.

According to recent statistics, the incidence of child trafficking increased drastically during the COVID-19 pandemic as traffickers devise new ways of luring and exploiting children.

The case is not particularly different in Jamaica, especially with the pandemic leading to the loss of job and means of livelihood for parents.

The artiste is hopeful that being vocal on these vile acts will bring forth awareness and judicial action for victims while preventing more children from falling prey.

“I feel like child molestation is an infestation in Jamaican culture and it needs to be rooted out. Every other day in the news you hear the most disturbing things and we brush it off like nothing major. The laws have to be changed. We need to foster an environment where people can talk about these things and heal from it, and most importantly the sick deviants must get a judgement,” says Kabaka.

Produced by Suku of Ward 21 (Andre “Suku” Gray), Kabaka Pyramid, and Irie Souljah, and Hazzle Beatz, "Trample Dem" was inspired by the classic reggae version of the great Sly and Robbie Baltimore, with a heavy dub vibe and some guitar by the Catalonian himself Hazzle.

"Trample Dem" is now available on streaming outlets.

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