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Jashii’s ER interview made him an enemy of the police force – Foota Hype

Foota Hype believes that the police have taken a special interest in dancehall artiste Jashii after comments he made about the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) on the Entertainment Report.

The dancehall selector made his views known in an Instagram live on Thursday (December 30) where he stated that while Jashii’s comment about the JCF were not untrue, they may have ruffled a few feathers.

According to the dancehall selector, it is Jashii’s comments about the corruption within the police force that have made him an enemy of the force.

“People, you know why me really come live now? Fi beg the government of Jamaica and the JCF members not to kill Jashii. You hear what me seh a while ago. I am here today pleading and begging for the life of the little artiste name Jashii, ” said Foota Hype at almost four minutes into his over half and hour long live.

“We have to face reality, and we have to face the truth. Nothing that the kid said was a lie. Now we know that the truth can be harsh, we know the truth can be painful, we know the truth can be hard to digest but me nuh want unno use ignorance and arrogance and kill the youth, ” added Foota Hype.

Foota Hype used the occasion to advise Jashii to exercise extreme caution noting that his life could be in grave danger, adding that he could relate to the entertainer because he too was in a similar predicament early in his career.

“Jashii, a close dem a close in pon you fi kill yuh. Either dem a go kill yuh or dem a go try give you a case. Please Jahshii, you now have to move extra, extra careful,” warned Foota Hype.

“Don’t get me wrong, people. I am not against the Jamaica Constabulary Force for doing them job. But me know how Jamaica police work when them ignorant and upset with yuh – Problem, ” added Foota Hype.

Foota used the occasion to highlight the country’s parliamentarians as an example, pointing to the fact that many of them have additional security encouraging Jashii to employ similar measures.

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