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Is this $24m forehead piercing the new cosmetic craze?

When you’re a 'popping' rapper, as the kids would say, and you’ve got $24m just laying around, you buy diamonds.

For American rapper Lil Uzi Vert, however, you not only buy diamonds, but you also implant them in your forehead as well.

The XO Tour Llif3 rapper introduced his new forehead bling in a video shared to his Instagram page yesterday. Beauty is pain’, read the caption, and we reckon it was indeed a painstaking wait to get a $24 million dollar rock embedded in your forehead.

This kind of piercing is known as the ‘Third Eye’ or ‘Bindi’ as it resembles the traditional facial embellishment worn by several women in Asian countries. The emo rapper is known for his eccentric taste in fashion and his typically weird appearance. On the face of it, Uzi Vert sports a bridge, septum, and the familiar lobe piercings.

In the past, Uzi Vert has, in the past, stapled his dreads to his head.

Since the introduction of ‘the celebrity’, many A-listers – and sometimes attention-seeking wannabes – have done some unorthodox cosmetic enhancements.

Some, to set themselves apart, others, to get their Dennis Rodman on.

Locally, dancehall artiste Alkaline is probably foremost in the mind as the first Jamaican to tattoo his eyeballs in 2013.

This started an eyeball tattooing craze of sorts that led to reports that dancehall artiste Mace almost lost his sight due to eye tats.

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