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‘I’m no woman beater’: Majah Hype says he’s the real victim

Majah Hype has declared that he's not a woman beater, days after his former fiancée accused him of being violent towards her.

“I still have love for Kirby today,” he said, breaking his silence via Instagram to address the allegations from Latisha Kirby.

“I have no reason for that. I am not a woman beater and I never thought about being a woman beater,” the comedian said.

Stating that he loved Kirby and wanted the best for her, Majah Hype denied all of his ex’s allegations. In fact, he claimed he was the victim.

“I warning every man out there, don’t allow women to hit you, don’t let women subject you to being abused,” he said, stating that he was ashamed as a man.

He said he never cheated on her and admitted to having one “sexual experience” with another woman.

While admitting that he did go through Kirby’s old phone because he was suspicious of her suspicions of him, he denied leaking any sex tape.

“I know Kirby has a son, no way in the world would I release any video of her in a compromising position, not only would it make her look bad, it makes me look bad,” he said.

Turning the tables on Kirby, Majah showed screenshots of conversations and images found on her phone, including one with a popular soca artiste, claiming he has to tell his truths.

Criticising Kirby for airing her issues on Instagram, he asked: “What was your real motive? To get followers? If you were healing you would take the real actions to heal. Counselling and therapy is healing, that is what I am gonna get,” he said.

He ended his live with a reading of Psalm 23.

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