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'I am the daddy': Foota Hype introduces son

Popular dancehall selector Foota Hype introduced his 14-year-old son to the world via his Instagram page on Sunday.

He posted a photo of himself with the boy along with the caption: "Gm I'm accepting all my blessings from the universe even if it's late it's still a blessing officially introducing my son to the world God bless OMARI."

The post reignited discussion around the paternity of the child which had previously been attributed to fellow Alliance member, Flexxx.

Dancer Renee SixThirty was one of the early first responders and she posted: Watch twin 🙌🙌🙌🙌

Another user, poochilous86 seconded that assessment with: So @footahypemusic yo nu see say a yo twin dis🙏🙏

Then the inevitable snarky comments began to stream in:

"Then flex really take so long fi get d hint. D very obvious one."

Another sardonic wit exclaimed: "Foota!!! Flex deh sum weh Inna him house a punch di bed a say him wah back all a di money him spend pan di lil man di 14 years ago oh gad."

One user took the mature route, and applauded Flexx for his stepdaddy role: kevazz_music said: "Dead stamp a yuh bredda. Bigup Flex sed speed. He played a big role in the kid's life."

The entire saga has been unfolding on social media for the past week, with both Flexx and Foota Hype taking to Instagram LIVE to provide details on their history and how they happened to be involved with the same female. When the story initially broke, Foota admitted that he had known about the paternity of the child.

“Me know bout the youth bout two years now,” Foota said.

He revealed that when it was discovered that he was the father, he told the child’s mom to break the story, but she hesitated out of fear of being ridiculed online.

Foota also alleged that the mother of the child, Tanya, had apparently been his girlfriend in the first place, before Flexx wormed his way into the relationship. The one-time Alliance selector listed the prominent names from the camp, whom he claims are aware of ‘the truth.’

Flexxx was once a member of Mavado’s Gully Side crew, and he is known for songs like 'Money We Want', 'Stepping Razor' and the recent 'Guard Ring (Nah Work)' featuring Jay A.

----Claude Mills

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