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Horro General urges colleagues to be idols of positivity with 'Time'

With over 200 murders recorded in Jamaica since January, 2021 is shaping to be another bloody year for the country.

Wary of the crime wave, deejay Horro General is not only calling on the government to find a solution. 'Time', his latest song, hears the Portmore-based artiste calling on colleagues to be more responsible.

The single is produced by Alton Smith for Syn Citi Entertainment.

"What inspired Time is the fact of what is going on right now in our beautiful island of Jamaica, living in fear not knowing what tomorrow may bring, innocent or not. The youths dem need some motivation and I want to be a motivator," said Horro General.

The dancehall movement could do with some motivation. Several of the genre's top names have recently been involved in much-publicised incidents. Laden was sentenced to five years in prison for illegal firearm possession, while Tommy Lee Sparta is in custody on charges linked to criminal activity.

While stating that persons must be presumed innocent until proven guilty, Horro General said entertainers should project a more wholesome image given the level of crime in Jamaica.

"It only shows a very bad impression on dancehall artistes and our culture of negativity, so entertainers should be more idols of positivity," he reasoned.

Recording since 2018, Horro General has kept busy in recent months. Some of his other songs include 'Fullbore' and 'Dancer’s Segment', which features Elephant Man.

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