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Groundation will be performing 5 shows throughout California here in December

Winner of France’s distinguished award for Best Roots Reggae Album for 2018, GROUNDATION is excited to be returning to their home state of California for several special shows in December.

The group has been performing music from their latest album, “The Next Generation” throughout Europe and South America during 2019 with shows in Brazil, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, and Switzerland.  

GROUNDATION’s unique style of reggae music blends fusion with strong elements of jazz, funk, and dub creating a dynamic high energy sound. In addition, GROUNDATION music aims to raise the collective consciousness offerering positive reasoning and hope for the future.

Reflected in songs such as “Profit & Prophets” and “Fossil Fuels”, GROUNDATION emphasizes love for the planet and celebrates humanity over material wealth and power. 

In a time where the message of GROUNDATION is most needed; 2019 finds the group in top form. 

As revolutions and social demonstration amass throughout the world GROUNDATION is here to give full support to the evolution of a more loving and harmonious society. For these special shows GROUNDATION will be performing classic songs from their 20+ year catalog as well as new music from “The Next Generation.” 

For more information check out

phone: 707-799-2698

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