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Gospel Singer Marion Hall Blasts Female Dancehall Artistes Over Raunchy Music

Minister Marion Hall, formerly Lady Saw, Queen of Dancehall and one of Jamaica’s top lyricists, lashed out at current female dancehall artists over their indecent dressing, music, and behavior.

In her weekly church sermon, Minister Hall called out Spice, Ishawna, Jada Kingdom, and Shenseea on their supposed wrongdoings and shared that they will never be in peace until they choose God.

Dancehall artists on a “race to hell”?

She called on the artists to leave dancehall and turn to Christ as she claimed that they were in a “race to hell” due to the type of music they make.

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The Minister revealed that God compelled her to speak up about the matter and held nothing back when she singled out each artiste and unleashed her criticism.

In her sermon, she singled out the reigning ‘Queen of Dancehall’, Spice stating that she was played out and could no longer turn heads like before.

“Spice, you need to relax. I know you. You were living with me at one point, and the way you fight for things, you will go to hell to get it. I know you, and I just wanna reach out to you. I don’t care how you take it because I am not trying to look, friends. I am just here to talk to you because of who I was,” she shared. “Spice yuh stuck in the hole. You need flavor. People need to tell you the truth. Dat is why you have to be stripping, why you have to be out there with yuh whole body out there like that. True talent don’t need that. Spice yuh played out.”

As for Shenseea, whose controversial single Lick with Megan Thee Stallion may have caused the minister’s outburst, Hall said if the singer’s late mother, Castilyn Eleanor, was still alive. Like Spice, she insinuated that Shenseea had some cosmetic work done. “Shenseea yuh born look good, yuh never need anything else. What’s wrong with you?”

Female artists respond

Minister Hall’s condemnation, however, didn’t go over well with the female artists and dancehall fans. Several people thought that her statements were hypocritical and that she had no place degrading a custom in dancehall that she was instrumental in creating.

Dancehall veteran Macka Diamond expressed how she felt about the outburst in an Instagram Live while coming to the defense of the ladies.

Macka said, “How you ova yesso a watch, a suh you miss ova yesso. How you a see everything … If you want come back in a di music, if you want come back in a dancehall we’ll accept you enuh Lady Saw.” Macka also felt that Hall was very impolite and offensive towards the women.

In a lengthy Instagram Live, Spice claimed that she and Hall were excellent friends for ten years and stated that the former Queen of Dancehall was jealous of her success.

“Yuh badmind, yuh heart black, yuh is a Jezebel. You nuh like fi see anybody prosper. Like mi say me and you a friend fi ten years and all along yuh deh pon yeah man she’s the next Queen of the dancehall but when mi tek it back and see me a run wid it you have a problem,” she accused Lady Saw.

Spice’s career has taken off tremendously as she’s now a member of the cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, brand ambassador for Magnum Tonic Wine, and has launched several brands in her name as she capitalizes on her fame and fortune.

While Marion Hall has been on the dancehall scene for quite a while, her career was never as illustrious as Shenseea’s or Spice’s. Although, there is no doubt that she is well-respected in the dancehall community for her music and performances.

The ‘Cool It’ singer was equally harsh in her critique of Hall, telling her, “You better repent, because you is not of God, you know you is not of God. You nuh see you go inna the church and still have problems, the pastor haffi run you out. I don’t want no love from you, if you was the only person left pan the face of this earth and God come and say a one somebody fi love you fi you live, I rather die.”

Spice said, “Until I can look and see that Marion Hall is genuine and she is really, a woman of God, that is the day I will say yes, but until then you is a jezebel.”

Hall did not take kindly to the discussions about her, and even though she started the drama with Spice and Shenseaa, she claimed that others were pulling her back into sin and baiting her to return to dancehall.

Marion Hall said the devil controlled her former life, and she won’t be returning.

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