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Good Vibez Series Feature ‘Di Clash – Rumble in Miramar’ for Black History Meets Reggae Celebration

The sound system culture will take center stage when the City of Miramar and WZPP/WZOP Radio present “Di Clash – Rumble in Miramar” on February 25 at Shirley Branca Park. Hosted by Commissioner Alexandra P. Davis, the event is one of several to celebrate February as Reggae Month and Black History Month.

Five finalists will compete in a “winner-takes-all” soundclash with a cash prize of two thousand dollars ($2,000) going to the victor. Several rounds of elimination will take place. Some live on WZPP/WZOP radio and an elimination round at Tropix Nightclub in Miramar on February 15.

How to enter the Reggae Month competition

Prospective contestants can submit a five-minute entry mix via WhatsApp to 305-390-6883 or email for first-round selection. WZPP/WZOP radio will air submissions on the ‘Morning Drive with Mikey Mike’ between 7 am, and 11 am, Mondays to Fridays, from January 18 to February 7.

Two prospects will go head-to-head to secure a spot in the first round of the competition. Winners will be selected by votes from listeners, calls, and texts, with Mikey Mike casting the deciding vote should there be a tie.

There is much to appreciate in sound clash culture. This tradition traces its roots back to 1950s Jamaica when systems like Tom the Great Sebastian and Duke Reid’s the Trojan clashed in Kingston. For decades, sound systems would travel far and wide to champion their crew and ‘kill’ their opponents, notably with dubplates courtesy of some of the most gifted voices in Reggae and Dancehall.

This event is an excellent opportunity for young upcoming DJs and Sound Systems to make a name for themselves by participating in “Di Clash”. The contest is also open to veterans who can further solidify their position at the top of South Florida’s Dancehall culture.

This contest will excite the community and attract supporters of participating DJs and Sound Systems as they cast their votes to advance their favorite selectors to the next round and ultimately to the finals. Who will be crowned winner of “Di Clash – Rumble in Miramar” and walk away with $2,000 on February 25 at Shirley Branca Park? The answer awaits us.

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