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Get the Look: Two signature pieces from two popular women

s a stylista, when you're in your season of dressing up, your best bet at staying on trend is starting with a plan.

With this plan, you’ve already figured out your themes, colourways, and overall style forecast for that season, even if you’ve opted to reference seasons past.

You also start to coordinate your looks to fit your personal style or the style of your favourite social persona.

Take, for example, the Jamaican women at the Olympics in Tokyo, or the queen of dancehall Spice rocking resort-ready looks in Africa; these women all have one thing in common: they are trending.

So, if you’re reading this, chances are you'd like to know where to find the latest outfit, pair of kicks, or hairdo they rocked recently.

Loop Lifestyle breaks down three pieces, each from a popular face for this edition of Get The Look.

Hear us out on this one. The colours may be odd, but it’s Goule's confidence that got us thinking she may be onto something. Plus, yellow, green and neon green are not far off on the spectrum, so it isn’t surprising that the colours look good together. We’re not feeling the mix-match brands, but check out Goule's Adidas fit here, and purchase the Adizero Adios Pro in pink or green for US$200.

Grace ‘Spice' Hamilton, the acclaimed Queen of Dancehall

She may be the owner of a record-breaking self-designed clothing brand, but while on vacay in Africa, Spice opted for a rainbow gradient monogram bikini inspired by the Louis Vuitton which retails at US$45, here.

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