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Five Must-Listen Dancehall Songs of 2021

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, music, no doubt, has been used as a coping mechanism for most. In Jamaica, music practitioners of the craft were left with a short standstill, almost uncertain of what was to come.

But like any good master of the arts, within silence comes a world of genius. As a result, dancehall music so creatively pieced together has been born. Here are five of the many amazing Dancehall songs, born of 2021 thus far in no particular order that should be on your playlist.

Rygin King, with his ambitious take on being, “Dancehall Baddest Ting”, released on April 9, has bold lyrics expressed with boastful conviction. “Them call mi one king”, with its trap-dancehall appeal and groovy bounce, music lovers of all ages are head over heels in love with this Damage Musiq-produced track.

Rytikal has definitely ‘Chosen’ the right time to drop a banger. His song debut on June 5 by Dynasty records, saw the video trending for weeks at number 1 on Youtube. Resounding comments of self-reflection being the main mood of fans from all across the Caribbean.

Jesse Royal and Vybz Kartel dropped their second track together called ‘Rich Forever’ on May 10 for Jesse’s new album ‘Royal’. The clever song has lyrics of optimism melodically laid on the Iotosh produced beat that showcases both artists in their top form.

Yaksta, who was virtually unknown just four months ago, definitely has one of the breakthrough songs of 2021. His monster hit ‘Ambition’ is still being played and sung by music lovers of all ages across the Jamaican diaspora and in Jamaica. The lyrics speak to intelligent life choices and smart money-making moves; produced seamlessly by Afro Boi Entertainment and WussMuzikk.

Lila Ike and Skillibeng share the remix for her original song ‘Thy Will’ which is a chilling message of corruption amongst leaders, the fallacy of which the nation is built, and the repercussion of one’s actions after all is said and done. This deeply profound track is produced by Protoje, Iotosh and J.L.L. which shows a contemporary fuse of reggae, soul, hip hop, and dancehall makes it a must-listen.

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