FilmTT and Eastern Credit Union partner to support the industry

The Trinidad and Tobago Film Company (FilmTT) is partnering with Eastern Credit Union (ECU) for the first-ever financial collaboration within the local film industry.

To highlight the magnitude of this relationship; FilmTT, exporTT and ECU are inviting film industry professionals to a free Zoom webinar on Tuesday, January 26 at 10 am.

This partnership was born when FilmTT and exporTT proposed that ECU come on board and lead the way in this paramount financial collaboration.

Eastern Credit Union, recognising the importance of the creative sector to the quality of life of all citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, leapt at the opportunity to provide support to creative projects.

Film industry professionals will now have the equal opportunity to gain proper financing for their projects; inclusive of tech Savvy loans to enable the purchase of specialised film making equipment and commercial mortgages.

"Eastern Credit Union is pleased to be associated with this worthwhile initiative of FilmTT and exporTT. We recognise the creative sector in Trinidad and Tobago as having tremendous economic potential, in addition to its ability to entertain and bring joy. We look forward to deepening our relationship with this sector and to further collaboration with FilmTT and exporTT for the benefit of our membership," said Christopher Lewis, Group Chief Executive Officer, Eastern Credit Union Co-Operative Society Limited.

Leslie-Ann Wills-Caton, General Manager, FilmTT said: “We are thrilled to partner with Eastern Credit Union as, for the first time, film industry professionals are being recognized as equals in the financial arena. With the playing field leveled, the industry is on a definite trajectory for success. We hope that our stakeholders take full advantage of the information and tools that will be presented in the webinar.”

Film industry professionals who are interested need to attend the webinar on January 26 to access detailed information on ECU’s exclusive offers. The free session will also include essential staples such as how to apply for the Film Rebate at FilmTT and how to apply for the grants at exporTT.

For more information, or to sign up to be a part of the webinar, visit FilmTT’s Facebook and Instagram pages: @discoverfilmtt.

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