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'Dem Guyanese Boyz' ready to take Guyana's music global

Music from Guyana doesn’t always get the shine it deserves on the regional and global landscape.

That’s why some of the country’s influential voices have united under the banner of a group called “Dem Guyanese Boyz” to showcase to the world what Guyana has to offer.

“Dem Guyanese Boyz” is currently made up of Adrian Dutchin, Jomo Proctor aka (Kapa Shanti), Gaddiel Henry aka Gaddie G and Ryan Lynton aka Gucci Boss.

The formation of this group is the culmination of years of unofficial collaborations at events in the United States.

“Everyone that heard us would often say that is Adrian Dutchin and them Guyanese boys and when we had our discussions about coming together we decided to embrace that name,” Kapa Shanti said.

“We don’t mind the name because it shows that we are united with a purpose to promote and show what Guyana has to offer.”

With the world’s eyes focused squarely on Guyana’s oil and gas potential, Gucci Boss said it was important for them to capitalize on this global spotlight.

“Guyana is going to go sky-high in the oil and gas business and we want the world to also see that there is much more to the country than that. In every region of Guyana, talent runs deep and we need the world to see this,” Gucci Boss said.

“I’m sure once our youth are given an opportunity, many great things will come out of Guyana.”

The group released their first track in October titled “Bend”.

Dutchin said that their introductory single is a perfect combination of their genres and writing style which includes Soca, Dancehall and Rap.

“It was a really pleasant experience working with the guys. I have been doing music for over 20 years and I still got to learn a lot from everybody. Even though we are a group, we each bring something different to the table and that's the great thing about this union,” Dutchin noted.

Dem Guyanese Boyz is currently working on more music to release to fete hungry fans as regional carnivals and Caribbean events look to rebound in 2022.

While remaining tight-lipped on what’s to come, Dutchin called on fans to follow their social media handles to keep abreast of all that they are up to.

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