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Delawness marries art, music and fashion with Introspeq

It's been just over two years since graphic designer Delawness launched his brand of the same name in his hometown Montego Bay, but he has been itching to expand his line.

He did so in December with Introspeq, a concept that marries art, music and fashion. With his work for corporate companies and dancehall/reggae stars enhancing his reputation, he felt the time was right to express his eclectic tastes.

"I have a love for all three mediums. I have always loved music and I grew up listening to multiple genres of music. I used to wear a lot of brand-name clothing and throughout my teenage life into college I started a few T-shirt lines of my own," he related.

Introspeq launched in December with a title song. In coming months, Delawness plans to release its art and fashion aspects which he says reflects his edgy imagination.

Though he attended the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts for two years, the 25 year-old creative credits an inquisitive mind for his unconventional approach to design.

He has been commissioned to do projects for major Jamaican companies such as Kingston Freeport Terminal Limited and Factories Corporations Jamaica. He has also collaborated with digital media company Carib Voxx on Boyante on assignments for iPhone, Samsung, and Android.

As far as music is concerned, the Delawness touch can be seen on logos and posters for Chronixx, Koffee and Warrior King.

Like the great artists who reached out to pop music and haute couture to widen their appeal, he sees nothing wrong with spreading ones boundaries.

"My approach to graphic designing is using design to solve a problem. Design is all around us, it’s in everything we do daily. I am more interested in the functionality first, then the aesthetics as a design; with that sort of approach I am focused on making whatever I am designing solve a problem,” he said.

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