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Deep Jahi, Deeclef and Buffalo Souljah team up for inspirational track

With all the social ills taking place globally and the coronavirus pandemic having an effect on nations, Jamaican artistes Deep Jahi and Deeclef and African dancehall artiste Buffalo Souljah have combined their talents for the inspirational track 'Guide My Path'.

'Guide My Path' was released on December 18 and produced by Jerome Elvie of Natural Bond Entertainment.

“I have worked with these talented artistes on one of my recent projects called Gold Leaf rhythm and I found a lot of similarities with their approach to perfecting their craft. They are very musically inclined and what I hold in high esteem is their professionalism. With that said, I had to put this collaboration together because I knew the potential was there for a hit,” explained Elvie.

He continued, “Deeclef was the first of the three to hear the beat and based on what’s going on in the world today, each artiste just decided to add their touch to the beat. They all can relate to what’s going on in the world.”

DeeClef who was born in Jamaica and who now resides in New York, is happy to be a part of this inspiring track.

“Well in times like these where the world is going through a pandemic, the beat spoke to me musically. The idea of seeking protection from the Creator came to mind. With that said, incorporating the experiences and what each of us has faced, we basically were singing the same tune of what we are currently facing,” said Deeclef.

“This is a big song, a great feature with a positive message which is something that most Africans can relate to. So far, the song and the rhythm are receiving so much love and this is a big deal for me as an African artiste who does reggae and dancehall music and reaching international heights through a feature like this,” said Buffalo Souljah.

A video for 'Guide My Path' is to be released shortly.

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