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Dalton Harris reveals male partner in social media video

ontroversial Jamaican singing sensation, Dalton Harris, has again lit up the social media Csphere, this time by boldly revealing his male Italian boyfriend on TikTok on Monday.

Harris, who won the 2018 UK X Factor competition and came out as pansexual last October, released a video on the social media platform with Paravi Das' hit single, 'Cloud 9', playing in the background.

The lyrics serenaded a few selected moments with Harris and his male companion, outraging several social media users, while others commended Harris for the brave step.

The particular lyrics chosen by Harris were:

"I hate all men, but when he loves me, I feel like I’m floating. When he calls me pretty, I feel like somebody. Even when we fade eventually to nothing, you will always be my favourite form of loving."

In the TikTok video, Harris presented his partner with a gift, which led to his lover smiling widely and walking over to him. What happened next between the two cannot be visibly seen.

Another section of the video showed Harris video recording his beau as he recorded a cat and a dog being walked on a busy street.

The short clip ended with Harris giving his lover a small temple kiss with his arms around him.

The video has caused mixed reactions among social media users, especially those who have always questioned Harris' sexuality ever since a photograph emerged with him sitting in the lap of another male X Factor contestant in 2018. On Instagram, where the video has also been shared, a social media user suggested that Harris was releasing the video of him and his male lover in a bid to gain United Kingdom (UK) citizenship. "UK citizenship by any means necessary," she wrote in the now deleted comment, which caught the attention of Harris before its disappearance. The singer, who is also a former Digicel Rising Stars champion, having won the talent show in 2010, clapped back, refuting that the moment was about obtaining citizenship. He also pointed out that his partner is Italian and not British. "He’s Italian. I don’t date for favours. Not even in the court of public opinion. You just want somen (something) wrong fi be true, don’t? You sad but wish you all the best," Harris quipped. On TikTok, where the video has surpassed over 110,000 views, a viewer commented: "Turn to God. He loves you". Harris, in response, referred to the viewer as an "idiot", but acknowledged that he knew the God loves him. "I know He loves both of us and all gay people. Idiots like you try to tell otherwise. I KNOW God’s love," he snapped. Since winning the UK X Factor, Harris has sparingly released new music. Shortly after being triumphant in that singing competition, he released his debut single, 'The Power of Love', featuring British pop star, James Arthur. The song peaked at No. 4 on the UK Top 40 Singles Chart after spending six weeks there. His first solo song, 'Cry', was released late in 2019. However, it failed to hit the charts. Since then he has released an acoustic cover version of Halsey's 'Graveyard', which has received over 195,000 views on YouTube. Harris has not released new music since then. Locally, the entertainer is best known for his single, 'Pauper', which received heavy rotation on local radio stations. He also recorded other reggae songs, including 'Whisper in the Wind', 'I'm Numb', 'No More Will I Roam', and 'Watch Over Me.'

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