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Curly Lox releases second book, 'Planet Hurt'

Patrick Gaynor, aka Curly Lox, half of the duo Twin of Twins, is excited about the early response from readers to his second book, dubbed "Planet Hurt volume 1 or 3: The idea and the process".

The soft and hard copy of "Planet Hurt" is now available on and Amazon. The audiobook will be available in February.

"The early response from the fans online has been sensational," Gaynor told Loop News.

"The main theme of the book is how average humans are deceived by labels that distort their perception of reality and how they develop unrealistic expectations of everyone and everything based on this reality. It is about how to avoid the many conflicts we are trapped in by using our natural emotions and impulses properly," he added.

Gaynor said the book is not cluttered with the usual played-out cliches of self-actualization based on material success that dominate self-help books. "It is not the usual cliche book that tells you to be your self and that success is only material accumulation but rather it embraces an objective truth that goes way beyond the superficial illusions that lead us away from the understanding we need in order to tolerate the nature of existence. With that said , it is the ultimate self help book," said Gaynor, who is the comedic mastermind behind the popular 'Stir It Up' dancehall mixtapes. This book, like his debut effort, 'Road to Zion', is inspired by the death of his six-year-old son Zion Emmanuel in 2007.

"The book was inspired by the untimely death of my son Zion. It was this event that I believed that woke me up from hallucination. I now realized that my life was before this tragedy," he said, sombrely. He has been consistently writing the book since 2007. "I have been on it (the book) since my son Zion died and I wrote my first book “The Road to Zion” which is my memoir and there was a lot left over so I decided to pursue 'Planet Hurt' which I was writing on and off but it was between 2018 to 2020 the year of the pandemic which gave me the time to really settle and finish it," he said.

Gaynor does a popular podcast on YouTube called in #inthemeantime and as Curly Lox, he continues to be the mastermind and creative genius behind the duo Twin of Twins which has released insanely popular volumes of dancehall comedic sketches and songs under the title, 'Stir It Up' since the early 2000s.

"New music is coming and I'm trying for a release of the latest installment of #stiritup volume 12 in March," he said.

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