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Crown-snatcher arrested after pageant fracas in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s 2020 Mrs World has been arrested on charges of assault.

According to reports out of Sri Lanka, Colombo police arrested Mrs. World 2020, Caroline Jurie today following an incident in which she snatched the crown off the head of the 2021 titleholder.

The incident took place on Sunday at the pageant when Jurie chose to recognise the runner-up as the winner instead of Pushpika De Silva who was declared the new Mrs Sri Lanka World.

Minutes before she snatched the crown off De Silva’s head, Jurie announced that there is a rule that contestants have to be married, and not divorced.

“So, I'm taking my first step saying that the crown goes to the first runner-up,” she said.

According to the BBC which translated De Silva’s Facebook post after the incident, she said she had to be treated for head injuries and was looking into legal action.

De Silva said she is estranged from her husband but not divorced.

Local franchise holder Chandimal Jayasinghe said they were claiming compensation from Jurie for damages to the stage and backstage dressing rooms where several mirrors had been smashed.

Mrs. World originated in California and is the first beauty pageant for married women..

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