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Clarendon deejay Miguel Wealthy counteracts Skillibeng's 'Coke'

Clarendon-based dancehall artiste Miguel Wealthy is generating a buzz in the streets with a stinging counteraction dubbed 'Caution' to new generation titan Skillibeng's runaway 'Coke' hit.

"Well, when I watched Skillibeng's video, I thought it was a disrespect to my parish and what it stands for, so I felt the need to rep for my parish Clarendon. How can you come from the east side to the don parish mocking patrons as if he knows the nature of the investigation? Him come wid all sorts of wild allegation, that's a big disrespect so I had to make a correction," Miguel Wealthy told Loop News.

The lyrics in 'Caution' go: Clarendon badness anno joke/no plane never crash with no coke/the plane never crash eediat/we land it pon the water like a boat/mi swear to God, mi tek a oath/mi haffi rich like Bolt/mi nah sell dope/Sniper rifle, telescope.

"The song get $150,000 worth of pull up at a party this week, ah crazy people ah link mi online bout it. It spread like wildfire on Whatsapp, the whole parish have it right now and a share it," an excited Miguel Wealthy said.

In the song, Miguel Wealthy goes as far as to suggest that Skillibeng is an informer with his 'the plane crash with the coke' declaration in his song.

On 'Caution', Miguel Wealthy growls: "Yu shoulden inform pon the coke/yu shoulden go station go report/mek him stink pon the water a float/if anno dead presidents, yu coulden get mi vote..... yu no know 'bout the game /informer shoulda be your last name/chat too much, yu coulden sell cocaine/from Columbia to Port of Spain/Toco Loco, yu mussi insane/Clarendon mek shot fall like rain/anywhere we go, ah bloodstain..."

The YouTube link has racked up more than 6,000 views since its release on Tuesday. He plans to shoot a video for the counteraction on Thursday.

"It was fun making the song though. Big thanks to Rural Area Production and YaadAMusic Ent, for working with me with the 'Caution' single," he said.

The artiste, who is known for songs such as 'P-- P--- Scamming' and 'Bubble', is planning to release an album this year.

"Don’t forget to check me out on all social media platforms @miguelwealthy," he said.

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