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Chris Brown Readies New Song ‘Warm Embrace” For April Fools Day

Chris Brown is getting ready to drop off his new song “Warm Embrace” on April 1.

The R&B star put fans on notice that in two weeks, his latest single, “Warm Embrace”, will be ready and available to them. The 32-year-old singer was excited to share the news on Twitter on Monday with the caption, “New single “Warm Embrace” Friday, April 1st!” Chris Brown added a copy of the cover art which featured a colorful psychedelic image of a couple lovingly intertwined.

The single comes two months after he dropped “Iffy” in January 2022. Both are part of the much anticipated tenth studio album Breezy, which will feature sixteen tracks. He had previously stated, “the amount of songs on this one will be the same amount of songs as my first album. Keep it classic.”

In an Instagram story, Chris Brown shared a clip of him grooving to the song alongside rapper Tory Lanez. The previewed track shared the lyrics, “I want to wrap you in (Ooh) my warm embrace (My warm, my warm). Can make it last forever, girl, I bet your lips look better / You can let me wrap you in my warm embrace. Take my chance and dive into your ocean, yeah / Tried my best to give you all that you want. Girl, before you leave let me love every part of your anatomy / And I want you to pour your pain on me, oh, yeah.”

Though he has been trying to keep it all things musical as of late, he did make the news recently for a voicemail he shared from a woman who accused him of rape and subsequently sued him for $20 million. The voicemail showed that the woman continued to contact and pursue a relationship with Brown after the alleged rape.

In January this year, the anonymous woman filed a civil suit accusing Brown of raping her on a yacht in Miami in December 2020. He had since vowed to clear his name. Sources say Chris Brown plans to counter sue the woman for defamation for making false accusations, and the woman’s lawyer has also withdrawn from the case.

Though still considered young in terms of his age, Chris Brown has been in the R&B game for over fifteen years and has been hailed as one of its biggest stars and influencers not only for his music but also his dancing which has drawn comparison to Usher as well as the ultimate showman, the ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson.

A Virginia native, Brown signed with Jive Records in 2004 and released his self-titled debut album, which became certified triple platinum. His single “Run It” went straight to number one on the Billboard Hot 100, making him the first male artist since 1995 to have his debut single top the chart. His second album “Exclusive” generated an even bigger commercial success and earned him his second Billboard Hot 100 number one.

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